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Nairobi National Park

A short drive out of Nairobi’s central business district is the Nairobi National Park. Wide open grass plains and backdrop of the city scrapers, scattered acacia bush play host to

GP Karting – Langata

Gp-karting is an adrenaline-filled activity whereby you get to drive an open wheel car or quadricycle on a racing track/circuit.
The sport does not need you to have prior driving

Lukenya Motorcross

A spectacular quad ride within the adventurous yet safe off-road bushy circuit. Being adventure seekers as well, we totally understand the thrill and rush quad bikes give you so we’ve

The Forest – Kereita

Just 60 minutes from Nairobi, near Limuru, in the Kereita Forest, enjoy a wide range of activities, from high adrenaline to tranquil absorption of the surrounding nature.

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